Monday, May 12, 2014

Amy & Shaun - Tacoma Engagement Photographer

One day I got a wedding inquiry that mentioned one of my favorite past clients.  I immediately dialed the phone number to find out more!  From the very first phone call I have enjoyed getting to know Amy and Shaun.   It was like we were on the same page right away, which is something to LOVE when choosing your wedding vendors.  Their vision for their wedding and marriage drew me in and I am so excited to share their engagement photos with you all!
Amy and Shaun met through her sister - like planets always being near each other, but never colliding.
Their commitment to each other is inspiring.  And the chemistry is pretty electric too!
 We chose Point Defiance Park because it offered the most opportunity to be outside and still have lots of different textures and light.
 As the sun began to go down we moved around a lot.  We wanted as many shots as possible in that beautiful light.
There really is something about images that convey emotion without any faces. 
And as the sun dipped even further we headed down to the water.
Luckily it wasn't raining.  But we used an umbrella as a prop anyway! 
Congratulations Shaun & Amy!  It's going to be a beautiful wedding, but even more than that, it's going to be a wonderful marriage!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

J + N's Winter Wedding | Renton Wedding Photography

January may not be a huge season for weddings, but love was in the air everywhere during Jon & Natoshia's big day!  A beautiful church in Renton, WA provided the colorful and graceful setting for their celebration.  Jon 7 Natoshia's families contributed a lot of time and effort to make this day truly unique and special.  While the bride & groom opted not to see each other prior to the ceremony, there was plenty going on and still plenty of time to get the two of them alone later.  Enjoy their spectacularly personal and beautiful wedding!