Sunday, April 6, 2014

J + N's Winter Wedding | Renton Wedding Photography

January may not be a huge season for weddings, but love was in the air everywhere during Jon & Natoshia's big day!  A beautiful church in Renton, WA provided the colorful and graceful setting for their celebration.  Jon 7 Natoshia's families contributed a lot of time and effort to make this day truly unique and special.  While the bride & groom opted not to see each other prior to the ceremony, there was plenty going on and still plenty of time to get the two of them alone later.  Enjoy their spectacularly personal and beautiful wedding!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

When Kids Rule the Shoot | Graham Family Portraits

Today my daughter came up with a lot of ideas for me to take pictures of her. Her very own photo session! Most of them sounded just like the one we did in the rain several months ago (that I still haven't blogged!) It involves jumping, twirling, being silly and having Mom take pictures of everything she loves right now. And we did! After a while, her little brother wanted in on all the fun. He got to jump and play and be silly right along with her. This isn't my usual work I do with my family portrait clients, but why not? I often incorporate a child's playful side, engaging with their toys or current interests, why not take pictures of it as well? So yes, here is what happens when my kids call the shots for a photo session. Let's get some memories of what "almost 9" and "almost 7" was like. Because pretty soon that "almost" will be gone and replaced with "and a half!"